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Welcome to Awutu Senya District

The Awutu Senya District forms part of the twenty (20) Metropolitan, Municipalities and Districts in the Central Region. The Administrative Capital of the District is Awutu Breku. The District shares boundaries with Awutu-Senya-East District to the East and North, to the west with Effutu Municipal and to the   South with the Gulf of Guinea.

Latest News Updates

AWUTU S E: Assembly approves 2016 Budget The Awutu-Senya East Municipal Assembly has approved the 2016 Composite Budget for the municipality after lengthy deliberations on the subject matter.

AWUTU S D/A JHS upgraded Madam Sun Baohong, Chinese Ambassador in Ghana, on Friday broke the ground for construction work to begin on a new three-storey expansion project to upgrade the Awutu /Senya West District Assembly Junior High School (JHS) at Awutu-Beraku.